Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And......we're back

up and running again, I'll be providing my thoughts on the current sports landscape and even some gambling tips (for you to go against my picks)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Bryant Gumbel -- not very smart!

"Count me among those who don't care about them and won't watch them. So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world's greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention." -- Bryant Gumbel on HBO's "Real Sports"

What is Bryant Gumbel getting at here? Is he saying that America, and other countries, left off more talented black athletes in favor of white athletes? Is there some awesome black dude who would demolish seth wescott in snowboard cross? What the hell is he getting at? I feel pretty confident in saying that America, and all the countries involved, have picked what they believe to be the best athletes at the represented sports. I hope he's not implying that by there merely being a paucity of blacks, that somehow diminishes the level of athleticism. This is skiing, hockey, snowboarding, luge, and figure skating -- not exactly sports where blacks traditionally dominate. What the hell is that statement he made supposed to mean? And can we all take a moment to think about BRYANT FUCKING GUMBEL complaining about a lack of blackness!? Christ.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Worst Super Bowl Ever! / I Hate Jerome Bettis

THAT GAME STUNK! the level of execution on both sides of the ball from both teams was staggeringly poor. no problem with hines ward winning the mvp, but, really, was anyone the most valuable out there?

HOWEVER, i have a tremendous problem with the jerome bettis nonsense. He's the backup running back! what the hell was he doing on the podium for the trophies presentation? what the hell was he doing talking before hines ward talked? AND WHAT THE HELL IS THE COVER ARTICLE ON ESPN.COM TRYING TO SAY WHEN IT SAYS, "JUST LIKE JOHN ELWAY, JEROME BETTIS GOES OUT ON TOP?!" like john elway?!!! elway was the goddamn QUarterback!!! bettis is the backup running back. bettis had 14 carries for 43 yards and was stuffed on his short yardage carries. he had a really bad game. jerome bettis, last night, was a very inneffective backup running back. he's from detroit. WE ALL GET IT. but come on nfl! have some integrity, have some credibility, have some balls. Bettis seems like a really nice guy, but when has backup running back who had a bad game EVER been on the trophy podium answering questions before the goddamn MVP talks?! ugh.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Just watch on mute

I remember a day when announcers added value to the sportsviewing experience. Maybe its just because I was young and naive, but when I was a kid, I would watch games and think"these guys are really helping me understand the game." I also assumed they knew what they were talking about, knew the rules and subtiltes of the game. Now that im older and wiser(?) I realize what clowns 90% of these guys are. Ive never had the pleasure of announcing a game so I dont know what it entails, maybe its much much harder to come up with things to talk about than I realize. But that doesnt excuse these clowns from the shit I have to listen to almost every game.

Example 1: In todays UL/ND game, Rick Majerus said that Colin Falls had "the heart of a gambler". WHAT????? Ive got 27 years without hearing this phrase, and now've its come up twice in a week (see JJ Redick post). Jesus people, the phrase is "nerves of a gambler/thief". It takes good nerves to be a gambler or a thief--that makes sense. It doesnt take heart.

2) In the Utah/New Mexico game, there was an alley-oop thrown from just beyond the half court line. The announcer proclaimed "you wont see a better pass than that from 60 feet". Im sure he knew he was wrong but he said it in the flow of the game so im willing to give the guy a free pass. But then they showed the highlight, and instead of admitting he was wrong, he continued to claim it was from 60 feet!!! In his explanation, he even proved himself wrong by saying the pass was thrown "5 feet behind half court"

Lets do the math: A basketball court is 94 endline to endline, or 47 feet to half court. Its a little more than 5 feet from the endline to the middle of the bucket (i pray to god this moron actually knows the dimensions of a basketball court), so thats 42 feet from half court to the basket. A pass from 5 feet behind half court to the rim would be 47 feet. Thats 25% less than this guys first guess, which he had ample time to alter. Instead he stuck to his original guesstimate, despite proving himself wrong when he reviewed the play!!!

I know its the Utah/New Mexico game and ESPN2 isnt sending out the A team..or even the C team probably. But get me someone who atleast knows the basics, am I really asking too much?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Fire Joe Morgan

I want to give a quick recommendation for a blog my friend Podsednik turned me on to...Fire Joe Morgan (firejoemorgan.blogspot.com).

Besides the fact that one of the sites main contributors is named "Ken Tremendous" (pretty much my favorite name of all time), FJM does the best job I have seen on the web of expsoing "Sports Journalists" as complete and utter frauds. Its impossible to read his blog and not laugh your ass of (omg!!! lmfao) as well as learn something (generally about baseball)

FJM is everything I wish this blog could be, and potentially would be, if I wasnt such a lazy bum.

Keep up the good work fellas.

The Junkie

Fire Scoop Jackson

His article today:

Before this happened, I picked him to be the Super Bowl MVP.
Had already told my editors about it, had already planned on writing a column about it.
Joey Porter has spent plenty of time in front of microphones this week.And it wasn't because of what he did on the field during the AFC Championship game. It was because of a comment he made after the Steelers' previous game.
You know, the one about the NFL trying to put Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. Joey Porter's ultra-truthful conspiracy theory.
So up until Thursday, that was my role. Do a column on JP55, say he is going to win the SBXL MVP, look like a prophet on Monday.
But then, something happened.
All of a sudden, the cat I was dark horsing to be the star of the game -- while everyone else was picking Ben Roethlisberger or Willie Parker or was getting caught up in Jerome's exit -- became the star of the pre-Super Bowl hype machine. He became the story of the game before the game. The Greg Lloyd we love to hate.
And because of that, the come-from-nowhere factor that helps defensive players become stars in the Super Bowl is gone like "Emily's Reasons Why Not."
No longer is his Richard Dent moment possible. In truth, Joey Porter played himself by being himself. Not that he did anything wrong, or something untrue to his being or beliefs. But his loudness silenced any chance of his taking the world by surprise in the biggest game -- and television event -- of the year, any chance of his being the sports version of an "American Idol."
He killed that noise by bringing the noise.
This was supposed to be the Discovery of Joey Porter. This Super Bowl was supposed to be the game that caused those who don't follow football to fall in love with him, and those already in love with him to feel good about his finally getting the credit he's due.
A couple of sacks, eight quarterback rushes, 10 tackles, a strip or a fumble recovery, a third-down stop early in the third quarter that changes the direction of the game, a goal-line hit on Shaun Alexander -- you know, something like that.
The spotlight was supposed to find him first coming out of the tunnel. Through smoke, screaming, jersey pulled up exposing his LLs, sleeves rolled up exposing his guns. While stretching, a camera was supposed to be on him while Al Michaels and John Madden talked about under-the-radar players who could be the difference in the game. There was supposed to be a smile on Joey's face, the smile a cat has when the canary is no longer in his mouth because he just swallowed it. That's when the outside world was supposed to discover him.
And after the game, when he spit those Disney World words into the camera, that's when they were supposed to never forget who he was.
I discovered him last year. When the Steelers were 15-1, I knew there had to be another reason why they were unbeatable, besides the phenom rookie QB. I followed Porter in the playoffs last year. I saw the Rick James in him, the fire and desire.
But the love came a few weeks ago, when he spoke the truth about the refs' attempt to sabotage the Colts game. He was still under-the-radar, but he was on mine.
It was then, especially because no one was checking for him, that I had a feeling this same brotha that got shot in the backside two years ago was going to walk out of Ford Field with two trophies in his hands: one Lombardi, one Rozelle. One belonging to the Steelers, the other all his.
But now, because of his "now I got woke up" beef with Jerramy Stevens, that moment of autonomy will never happen. The outside world now knows Joey Porter. They know who he is and what he's about. They know he loves to run his mouth, they know he is (with Troy Polamalu) the best defensive player on the best defensive team in the league. They know about the conspiracy quote, they know about his verbal battles with Chad Johnson, they know his talk ain't cheap. And by the time Sunday comes, his name will have been Googled so many times the company's stock may bounce back to meet Wall Street's expectations next quarter.
Porter has been wrapping up opposing QBs, like Jake Plummer, all season.The only thing they don't know is how good he is. Because if they'd known that, Bus and Ben would not have been the public identity of this Steelers team coming in to Detroit. The media would have made sure that the general public knew who Joey Porter was. We would have labeled him "that Beast," the highest compliment anyone can give a professional athlete today. The world would have known No. 55 was the spiritual and emotional leader of the Steelers, and without him doing what he did on the field every Sunday, they would not be playing on Super Sunday.
Instead, the world knows No. 55 for something else.
Which is not a bad thing. But, the nation's becoming conscious of who you are on the Wednesday or Thursday before the Super Bowl takes away the element of surprise, which helped guys like Larry Brown (SB XXX MVP) and Dexter Jackson (SB XXXVII MVP).
Like they say: Real bad boys move in silence.
Personally, I think JP55 still has a shot at winning the MVP. But I think that shot became long.
The odds got stretched.
By flappin' his gums, Porter took himself out of the race. Now the writers who are in the position to vote for him are going to expect him to play big. Nothing he does on Sunday will take them by surprise. Everyone learned this week that the Beast loves a burden.
Did Joey Porter save the Super Bowl? Yes. He gave a vanilla week of media coverage some double-fudge chocolate. With some nuts and some sprinkles and some whipped cream with a cherry on top.
In the process, did he ruin his chances of being the Super Bowl MVP? Probably not. God don't like ugly, but He does reward those who speak the truth.
But in letting the world know who he is, Joey Porter did take away my chance of becoming a prophet.

Now, as i was reading this, i kept thinking to myself that maybe he's being really sarcastic and taking a shot at how miserable the media's coverage of the super bowl has been thus far. that actually would have been pretty funny. but he's serious. he's dead serious. he thinks he "discovered" joey porter last season and that this year's super bowl was gonna be the game where america "discovered" joey porter, his "darkhorse."



Seattle "at" Pittsburgh (-4)

Well, it all boils down to one game. We're still stuck at .500 for the playoffs, which isnt terrible, but now we've got a chance to finish on the plus side. Unlike most "experts" and other talking heads, i think this game is gonna be close. No matter how i look at it, it seems like a three point game. Pittsburgh is the better team and if this game were played outdoors, i'd love the steelers to win by 7. But, as you know, the game is being played indoors, in detroit. Larry Foote of the Steelers is from detroit. The Steelers' backup running back is also from detroit -- little known fact. I think both teams are going to be able to move the ball throw the air. Troy is a bit banged up and the Pittsburgh corners arent particularly special. The Seattle secondary is decent but not physical, and both ward and miller should have big games. The difference, in the end, will be Pittsburgh's ability to slow down shaun alexander. He's soft. There's no nice way to put it. He's an excellent running back, but Pittsburgh is just gonna beat the crap out of him. Ultimately, i'd stay away from this game if i could, but it's the super bowl and you've gotta bet on it. The pick: Pittsburgh 27 Seattle 24.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey, Peyton Manning


Quarterback Peyton Manning refuted charges that he blamed his offensive line for the Colts' playoff loss. "I was perceived to have done something that I was 100 percent trying to avoid doing," Manning said at an awards presentation in Detroit. "You're saying 'the offensive line.' I never said those words. I've never put the hat on anybody else. I never will do that and I did not do it that day. I've always been a team player. I think people wanted me to pinpoint where the breakdowns were and specify, which I 100 percent did not do. I said we had protection problems, which we did. When I said 'protection,' protection is a concept. It's the quarterback. It's the scheme. It's you-name-it. Those were the words I chose and obviously I was surprised by the reaction, but I just don't [criticize teammates]."

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

J.J. Redick

during the ESPN broadcast of the Duke/BC game, some dumb broad (who is not Erin Andrews and therefore not of any importance) just gave this quote "JJ Redick has the heart of a thief."

What the hell does that mean? Ive heard the term "nerves of a burgler before", but "heart of a thief"?